[Library Media] Book Sets for Sale

Mariah Gerlach moverlock at providencehall.com
Fri Apr 8 11:39:11 MDT 2016

If any of you are interested, I have the following used books for sale:

*To Kill A Mockingbird *(1982 edition) - *40 copies *
$.50 each

*The Merchant of Venice* (Dover Thrift 1995 edition) - *20 copies*
$.50 each

*Twelfth Night *(Folger 1993 large edition) - *30 copies*
$1 each

*Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass* (B&N
Classics 2004 edition)
 - *30 copies *
$2 each

*The Last of the Mohicans *(Everyman's 1991 edition) - *19 copies *
$.50 each

*Death of a Salesman* (Penguin Plays 1976 edition) -* 10 copies*
$.50 each

*Pride & Prejudice* (B&N Classics 2003 mass market edition) - *38 copies*
$1 each

Please let me know if you're interested in any of the above.

Located in Herriman.

(And before you kindly alert me on the rules, we are a charter school, so
yes, we can sell them.)

*Mariah Gerlach*
*High School Librarian*
*Providence Hall International **Baccalaureate*
*moverlock at providencehall.com <moverlock at providencehall.com>*
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