[Library Media] Unblock kaltura.com

Karen Krier karen at uen.org
Fri Apr 8 07:38:50 MDT 2016


I sent the message below  out to the TCC and Filter mailing lists yesterday - but just realized that you guys are the ones that could help unblock kaltura.com.

Thank you in advance! 

-- Karen

> It has come to our attention that some districts / schools are blocking kaltura.com.  Kaltura is the video distribution system that UEN uses on UEN.org and within eMedia. 
> Please take a minute to make sure kaltura.com is accessible so that your educators and students can access the licensed educational videos.  
> This page has an embedded video from kaltura.com that you can use as a test. 
> http://www.uen.org/distance_ed/commanderkellyvideo
> Note: The video is a recording of an interview with Commander Scott Kelly from the Space Station.  It is well worth checking out - so please unblock it if all you see is a black box.
> Thank you in advance - and thanks to Guy Durrant for taking the time to contact us about the issue.
> -- Karen
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> Karen Krier
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