[Library Media] Shorter URLs for Utah's Online Library and Call to Action

Karen Krier karen at uen.org
Thu Apr 7 11:37:10 MDT 2016


As you all know, the new URL for Utah's Online Library (previously known as Pioneer Online Library) is http://onlinelibrary.uen.org/

That is the URL we are promoting and hope you promote, however to make things easier for younger students (and some of you who are one finger typists) we've created two shorter URL that redirect to http://onlinelibrary.uen.org/



During this name change transition UEN has been scouring the web for references to Pioneer Online Library.  We found quite a few and prompted the owners of the content to update their web page(s).  

But, to be honest we were shocked that there were relatively few schools and districts who had links to this amazing resource - that many other states envy.  

(I was going to add "free" resource - but as you know, it is not free.  Your tax dollars are used to pay the licensing costs for most of the products on Utah's Online Library.  It is a good chunk of money, but since the licensing goes through UEN we get great statewide pricing - at no cost to your schools / districts.)

I would like to encourage all of you (and all Utah schools) to promote and add link to Utah's Online Library.  You can find logos and widgets here: 


And you can find Parent letters and student activities here: 


Let me know if you have any questions or need UEN's assistance in any way.

Thank you.

-- Karen

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Karen Krier
Utah Education Network
Associate Director - Instructional Services

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