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FYI from ALSC...

The U.S. Department of Education is soliciting nominations for Regional
Advisory Committees to provide input on the technical assistance being
provided by the Comprehensive Centers
<http://www2.ed.gov/programs/newccp/index.html> for the implementation of
educational programs. We know that librarians would be able to provide
valuable input on how these services are being delivered, so we encourage
you to learn more about this opportunity and consider nominating yourself
or a colleague.

Background on Regional Advisory Committees (RACs)

·        There are ten regions <http://ies.ed.gov/ncee/edLabs/regions/>
served by the Regional Educational Laboratories as part of the
Comprehensive Centers program. To assess the needs for technical assistance
within these regions, the RACs will seek input from chief executive
officers of States; chief State school officers; educators, including
teachers and administrators; local educational agencies (LEAs); librarians;
businesses; State educational agencies (SEAs); and other stakeholders
within each region.

·        The input gathered from individuals on the RACs will be taken into
account by the Secretary of Education when developing priorities for the
next group of comprehensive centers.

·        Each RAC will be composed of no more than 25 members.

*RAC Member Responsibilities*

·        The Secretary will appoint members for the life of the committee,
which will span approximately five months.

·        Each committee will meet no more than three times.

·        Members will serve without compensation.

*Nomination Process*

*The nomination deadline is April 20, 2016*

Any interested person or organization may nominate one or more qualified
individuals for membership.  If you would like to nominate an individual,
including yourself, for appointment to one of the following RACs, please
submit the following information to the Department’s School Support and
Rural Programs, Technical Assistance Group listed below:

·         A copy of the nominee’s *resume*;

·         A *cover letter* that provides the reason(s) for nominating the

·         *Contact information* for the nominee (name, title, home and
business address, phone number, and email address); and

·         The *group(s) the nominee may qualify to represent* from the
following categories (list all that apply):

        **Per Britt Jung, librarians may designate themselves as “Other
local school official”*

o   SEA

o   LEA

§  Rural LEA

§  Urban LEA

o   Practicing educator

§  Classroom teacher

§  School principal

§  Other school administrator

§  School board member

§  Other local school official

o   Parent

o   Institution of higher education

§  University-based research on education

§  University-based research on subjects other than education

o   Business

o   Researcher

In addition, the cover letter must state that the nominee (if you are
nominating someone other than yourself) has agreed to be nominated and is
willing to serve on one of the RACs.  Nominees will be appointed based on
technical qualifications, professional experience, demonstrated knowledge
of issues, demonstrated experience, integrity, impartiality, and good

*Process for Submissions*

You may submit nominations, including attachments, by any of the following

   - Electronically:  Send to OESE.RAC at ed.gov
   (specify in the email subject line, “Regional Advisory Committee
   - Mail, express delivery, hand delivery, messenger, or courier service:
   Send to the following address:  U.S. Department of Education, School
   Support and Rural Programs, Technical Assistance Group, 400 Maryland
   Avenue, SW., room 3E206, Washington, DC 20202, Attn: Britt Jung.  Express
   mail or hand delivery is encouraged to ensure timely receipt of materials.

*For more information    *

*If you have any questions regarding this process, you may contact Britt
Jung, Group Leader, School Support and Rural Programs, (202) 205-4513
<%28202%29%20205-4513> or email questions to OESE.RAC at ed.gov
<OESE.RAC at ed.gov>.*

Sharon Deeds, Youth Services Coordinator/Consultant
Utah State Library Division
250 N 1950 W  Suite A
Salt Lake City, UT 84116-7901
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