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Michelle Miles michelle.miles at jordandistrict.org
Wed Dec 16 13:16:54 MST 2015

We need you to present at UELMA this year!!!  I know that many of you are
probably like me, working away in your library and doing your thing without
realizing that you have something awesome to share.  Amazing things are
happening in school libraries all over the state, including yours -- so why
not present?  The following list are ideas of possible presentations.  Some
of these ideas are pulled directly off the survey sent out last May asking
what school librarians need.  You are in no way limited to this list.  It
is just get you thinking about what what you could share.

Managing Technology

Get readers/students into your library

Genre-fying your collection (is anyone doing this?  how is it working?)

Managing Employees

Promoting your Library to the Principal and Community

Project-based Learning/Research Instruction

Social Media Presence -- facebook, tumblr, pinterest, twitter, etc.

Library Grants -- (how and where to apply, tips on getting accepted)

Weeding Tips

How you are teaching/utilizing the new standards

What FUN are you having in your libraries?  Contests, promotions, etc.

Makerspaces -- this is a huge trend in libraries, is anyone doing it?  If
so, come share what you've learned.

Data collection -- we live in a data driven world now, what are you doing
to collect, analyze and share data.

*How are you showing the ways you specifically impact student learning?  --
this is huge right now, so if you've figured out a way to measure student
growth by what you are doing as a librarian, please share!!!!*

We need more proposals that are aimed at the elementary level and
paraprofessionals.  Some paraprofessionals are not allowed to teach, so
other ways they can promote reading and usage of the library, would be

When we share, we make our profession stronger, so please consider over the
Holiday break what you could present on.  The details are below on how to
submit a proposal.

Thanks so much, and have a Happy Holiday.

Michelle Miles

UELMA President

UELMA is now accepting presentation and poster session proposals for the
March 2016 conference. Please consider presenting. Your presentations and
willingness to share your insights with your fellow members makes UELMA a
stronger organization. Applications are NOW due on January 15, 2016.

Session Proposals: http://goo.gl/forms/s8Hzi6HPuL

Poster Presentations: http://goo.gl/forms/yrFtWwfN25

These links can also be found on the conference website at

Proposal-Request.html <http://proposal-request.html/>
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