[Library Media] UCET and UELMA

Michelle Miles michelle.miles at jordandistrict.org
Wed Dec 2 13:14:49 MST 2015

We forgot to mention in the newsletter that UCET and UELMA are both being
held on March 18th.  Because UCET decided to go with the U of U as their
venue, the dates had to be over the University's spring break.
Unfortunately, UELMA had already reserved the venue and had booked the
authors for our conference, so our date could not be changed.  UCET will be
offering a discount to those who attend UCET on the 17th and UELMA on the
18th.  We are hoping that most of you will take advantage of the discount
and choose to do both.

We are truly sorry that for any inconvenience or hardship this might cause.

Michelle Miles
UELMA President
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