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Hello, all!

Just a suggestion that your support should be sent from your personal phone, e-mail and/or Twitter accounts instead of your district accounts so as not to violate your district’s policies.

Thank you for participating!
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Here is a link to ALA (see below).  They are making it so easy to contact your representative, asking them to support ESEA and school libraries.  You don't even have to write your own message, just put in your information and they generate an email letter and send it to your representative.  If you haven't done this already, please do it.  We talk all the time about how valuable school libraries and librarians are.  Here is a chance to do something that will make a difference.  I have heard that only 20% of UELMA members have participated in this, and yet I know that you all love and support school libraries.  Please do this today, if you can.  I know you are busy, but this seriously only takes 1 to 2 minutes to do.

ALA link -- http://cqrcengage.com/ala/home

At the top of the page, it says "Fight for School Libraries"  and then has a red button (it rotates between "make a call," "send a tweet," and "send an email") -- Click on whichever one you'd like to do and then fill in your info.  ALA does the rest.


Michelle Miles
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