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The Gale In Context suite of resources is expanding to include a product created specifically for middle school researchers.  Gale’s Research In Context is a new resource that bridges the gap between Gale’s Kids InfoBits resource for elementary school students and the subject-specific Gale In Context family, developed primarily for high school and undergraduate students.  The well-known Gale In Context suite, now including Research In Context, brings together the best and most relevant content on a modern, student-friendly, and mobile-responsive interface.

Gale’s Research In Context is designed for students in grades 6 to 8 and will replace Gale’s existing resources for this user group. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the migration of existing resources to this new product.

  1.  What products are affected by this release? The following resources will be replaced by Research In Context in the Fall: Discovering Collection, Student Resource Center Junior and InfoTrac Junior Edition.
  2.  Why is Gale migrating existing users to the new Research In Context? Today’s students require not only reliable content, but easy-to-use navigation and workflow-optimized tools. As part of the Gale In Context family, this new product is the only resource for the middle school age group that supports the early-development of research skills with a simple experience, and accessible and curriculum-aligned content. It also features a responsive design, enabling optimized use from any device or screen size.
  3.  When will my current product be replaced with this new resource? Research In Context will automatically be available alongside the existing resources in Pioneer Library starting May 28th through late-September 2015. The coexistence of the products allows time for you to become acquainted to the new resource before the change. In the Fall, Gale will automatically redirect all existing resources to Research In Context and access to the previous platforms will no longer be available.
Does Research In Context provide the same content to which I’m currently subscribed? Research In Context brings together leading reference content from Gale and its partners alongside up-to-date periodical content and engaging multimedia like images, audio and video. Subsets of this content were available within the previous resources and will be together for the first time in Research In Context. Additionally, nearly 300 topic pages will be created by the Fall, featuring newly drafted overviews to present the most-studied academic and social issues.

For more information<http://learn.cengage.com/LIB_SP_LIBS_PA_W16010929> on this new resource. Please also feel free to contact me with any questions.


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