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Sat May 23 13:55:02 MDT 2015

Here's the list from those of you who participated. Thanks for all the
suggestions for hey are very much appreciated. This group is just THE BEST!

Jan Duane
Juan Diego Catholic High School
St. John the Baptist MS
Draper, Utah

Your names have been taken off the emails…..

Rosalee Clearman

Magazine Subscriptions PTP
2707 Princeton Dr.
Austin TX 78741


I use discount *magazines.com <http://magazines.com>* with great results.


For many years, I've wanted and looked for a more
user-friendly magazine subscription company whose ordering website would
allow me to place my selected titles into a shopping cart list rather than
my having to type out by hand all of the titles that I want and then
submitting my list to the company for price quotes. *I have finally found
a subscription website which makes ordering sooo much easier!* The vendor

Rivistas Subscription Services *http://www.rivistas.com/
<http://www.rivistas.com/>* And the process is very quick:

1) In the top right corner of the homepage in tiny, gray letters; it says
"Create Account." Click on that button and provide your school's
information. Plus, it will have you create a username and password for your

2) When you're logged into the website, click on the heading at the top of
the page which says "QUOTES Active & Archived."

3) On the left side of the webpage, click on "Start a New Quote."

4) On the right side of the page, click on the "Add Title" button and a
"Search" box appears on the top left side of the screen in which
magazine titles can be typed to create a shopping cart list, *OR* we can
select magazine titles from the alphabetized list which is provided.

5) After I had my Quote List put together, I emailed a Rivistas company rep
named Tony Howell *tony at rivistas.com <tony at rivistas.com>* and told him my
list's "Quote I.D. Number" and explained that it was now ready for him to
turn into a "Service Proposal" so that I could print the Service Proposal
and attach it to my JSD Requisition in preparation for my P.O.

I've always dreaded the task of renewing magazine subscriptions, because of
the extra work it has created to change my list of titles. This year,
making my changes was refreshingly easy! Finally! A subscription service
company which provides us with a user-friendly website!


In our district we use

Subscription Services of America Inc.

P.O. Box 820, Bellmore NY 11710-0763

*(516) 679-8241*

fax *(516 221-5595*

*ssoa at aol.com <ssoa at aol.com>*

One phone call sets everything up with them doing the paperwork. They
e-mail or fax you the paperwork so you can put your purchase number with
it. You fax, e-mail, or phone your order in. It is very easy and they are
nice to work with.

And, as an attachment....
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