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I love it!

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I have also used the old books -- that are bound very well (but boring awful books or out of date, etc) to make a "diary."  Book Club or Craft Club kids choose one of the books that may have some interest to them (ie they like the subject or pictures) and we spray paint the outside black, then later cover (glue) it with sticks, beads, rocks or ???... Let them design their own... swirl yarn on it? fabric?

Inside glue pages you have written on or typed upon-- diary info. Also glue in memories-- ie  tickets to movies, a feather you found????? whatever. You can cut out (hollow out) a section large enough to glue in something 3D.  It can turn into quite a treasure. The pictures they like can still show, but cover up most of the text that is not of interest to them.   ---you get the idea...

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Let me help you find a great book to read!

Amazing what a difference 10 years & "10" pounds makes...  :-)

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Tear off the cover, Cut or shred the pages, Discard.

Doing the above can be HARD for those of us who love books, but a school library is NOT an archive. Try to remember WHY you decided to weed the book. Was it worn out? Out of date? Contained wrong information? No longer checked out? Author unknown to current students?

If the book meets any of these criteria, why would you want someone else to have the book? Replace the good ones with new copies, and let go of the rest.

It’s called “weeding” for a reason.

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