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Some of us, especially in charter schools, don't have a district policy to
follow. They leave it up to me. If I just have too many of a good book, I
trade it to a used bookstore for store credit.

In my opinion, out-dated nonfiction really can't be used for anything
except recycling or up-cycling. I give a lot of quality ones to the art
department (they've even made clocks out of hardback books), and keep some
for myself to make book art with.  I'd hate for someone at the thrift store
to pick-up a book that is full of out-dated misinformation! So for me it
all depends on why I'm getting rid of the book.

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On Fri, May 15, 2015 at 9:17 AM, Karen Larson <Karen.Larson at slcschools.org>

>  We put all discards (unless deemed harmful for whatever reason) on a
> sale cart.
> Teachers and parent co-opers know that anything they want or need for
> their classrooms are free.
> The rest are on sale for a quarter each. We have yearly community used
> book sales and a parent volunteer takes care of whatever is left
> over- either by recycling or through charitable donations to organizations
> of their choice.
> We have used many for in-library projects- signage, *Battle Bunny*
> student book alterations, art installations, thank you cards for donors,
> etc. We have several items that are used as teaching tools to show what
> happens when books are abused, how they are made and other such concepts.
> We are currently planning an end of year used book sale. Each student who
> shows up will get one free book and every book after is a quarter.
>  Karen Larson
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>  I would be careful about giving your old books to teachers in the
> building. I use to do that and then one day our wise district leader ask us
> if we really wanted to fill up our school with old books.  I would rather
> get the students to come into the library and check out the newest and the
> best in the school.  There are some art books that I do give to the art
> teachers but for the most part I follow district guidelines and surplus
> them.  Hope this helps.
> On Thu, May 14, 2015 at 1:52 PM, Heather Anderson <
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>> Hi All!
>> I have been weeding out books from my library and feel guilty about
>> getting rid of them.  I was planning on giving them to our local thrift
>> shop or Deseret Industries, but was wondering if there are any other
>> options out there.  What do you do with your old books?  Keep in mind these
>> are REALLY old, most haven’t been checked out since 1999 or earlier.
>> Thanks in advance for your help!!
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