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Library Friends,

For those of you who read and gained from the article about building your
personal brand, Anna Zanarini (SL Co Library) and I recommend the website
*GrowingLeaders.com*. So much is said about preparing young Millennials for
the workplace, you might be interested in
http://growingleaders.com/leadership-training-young-professionals/ and some
of the other videos. And to augment your media literacy lessons, be sure to
look at the free eBook about the power of images!


On Mon, May 4, 2015 at 12:23 PM, Fawn BMorgan <fawnbmorgan at gmail.com> wrote:

> While we talked about library branding at our district meetings, it only
> occurred to me that teaching a class on personal branding would be so
> valuable to students after reading this article:
> http://growingleaders.com/blog/building-your-personal-brand/
> Perhaps a psychology or computer tech teacher would let the librarian
> collaborate in lessons.
> Fawn
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