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Bill and others, re: your question about ACT resources, here are several from UEN and partners:

UtahFutures.org has online test prep through Learning Express Library (this is paid by the state library system). Students need to create an account. You can see the test prep link here: https://utahfutures.org/login?forward=%2Fmy%2Ftestprep
Learning Express Library is also in the Pioneer Online Library here: http://pioneer.utah.gov/research/databases/learningexpress.html

EdReady Utah http://www.uen.org/edready/ is a collaboration with UEN, USOE and the STEM Action Center. This excellent program is for math preparation. Students take an online diagnostic test and then work through video and interactive modules to prepare for the math portion of the ACT. Pat Lambrose is working at UEN to provide coaching on this new tool, you can contact her at patl at uen.org<mailto:patl at uen.org> and she’d be happy to assist.

Parent and Caregiver Resources page on UEN.org has a collection of links for college planning, testing, financial preparation, etc. http://www.uen.org/parents/college.php

Good luck with your program.

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Hello Library Land,

Next year, my school is implementing a school-wide ACT preparation course to be required of all sophomores.  Does anyone else have something similar in place?  The programs we are aware are more targeted for high end students.  We are specifically interested in curriculum and how it is implemented.


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