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Lisa Morey lisa.morey at jordandistrict.org
Mon Mar 9 17:09:28 MDT 2015

Hello Colleagues,

Next year, my middle school will receive the first of our district's
Spanish Immersion students.  My Principal has allocated some funds for me
to improve my Spanish language book collection in my library. (We also have
a large population of Spanish ELL students)  A cursory search through the
Follett catalogue showed a lot of American classics that have been
translated into Spanish, (Jacob Have I Loved, Tuck Everlasting) Orca
Publishers offer a number of titles in Spanish, and the trendy books (Wimpy
Kid, Twilight, Harry Potter) are there, but I need more direction in
selecting appropriate, engaging texts.

Anyone out there with advice? Title ideas are as welcome as resources to
help me choose.  I don't want to waste this precious grant money on books I
like that might not fit well with these students.


Lisa Morey
Media Specialist
West Jordan Middle School
(internal extension 2180)

Google can bring back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the
right one.

          ~Neil Gaiman~
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