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The Space Science Institute’s National Center for Interactive Learning
(NCIL), in partnership with the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI), was
awarded a grant for the first-ever *Public Libraries & STEM*
<http://www.stemlibraryconference.org> (
http://www.lpi.usra.edu/education/stemlibraryconference/) conference that
will take place in Denver, Colorado August 20–22, 2015. This conference
will bring library and STEM professionals and funders together to build
productive relationships; explore promising practices in designing
effective programs; help define a new 21st century vision of STEM learning
in public libraries; and develop a foundation for a future evaluation and
research agenda for libraries and their partners engaged in STEM education
efforts. The conference is expected to attract approximately 150

The conference’s work and published proceedings will inform future
development of informal STEM learning programs in libraries.  A
pre-conference survey of library professionals to assess the current state
of STEM programming in public libraries across the country is currently
underway. It will identify key needs, opportunities, and barriers to
providing an effective, informal STEM learning program. The results will be
shared at the conference to inform the collaborative efforts of public
libraries, funders, STEM organizations, and researchers and evaluators in
providing STEM learning experiences at public libraries. STEM and library
experts will also produce six “Background Papers” that will highlight
research in how people learn through out-of-school-time (OST) experiences;
the power of collective impact; audiences that libraries are serving; and
the ways libraries are continuing to evolve to meet their community’s
needs. In order to provide ongoing channels of communications between STEM
organizations and libraries, a *Leadership Forum* will be established
following the conference for leaders and decision-makers from both the
public library and informal STEM education and research communities.

*Call for Abstracts*

*Your leadership at the intersection of public libraries and STEM is
critical to the success of this conference!* We encourage you to *submit an
abstract by April 2, 2015* to support one of the following topics that will
be explored during the conference. First, create an account in the Meeting
Portal at www.hou.usra.edu/meeting_portal; then enter the presentation
title, author(s), and abstract as you wish it to appear in the conference
program at www.hou.usra.edu/meeting_portal/abstract_submission/?mtg=514.
Develop your presentation to support one of the five conference topic areas
(see below), and select the appropriate topic from a drop-down menu on the
abstract submission form.

TOPIC 1:  *21st  Century Visions of STEM Learning in Public Libraries *

Oral presentations, poster presentations, and discussions under this topic
will focus on how the following contribute to a broader ecosystem that
supports STEM learning:  1) the development of the profession and the needs
of librarians helping facilitate STEM learning and 2) promoting interest,
engagement, and literacy of library users and patrons. Discussions around
this topic will focus on defining what STEM learning in a 21st century
library looks like in terms of space, staffing, management, and connections
to the community and other organizations.

TOPIC 2:  *Case Studies of Successful STEM Implementation in Libraries *

Poster presentations under this topic will focus on the lessons learned in
implementing STEM learning experiences in libraries or with libraries as
partners. Presenters are invited to share tools, resources, strategies,
outcomes, and community impacts that others can use. Conference
participants should walk away not only with solid “nuts and bolts” ideas,
but also with an understanding of implications and relevance to aid them in
applying lessons learned as they implement their own initiatives.

TOPIC 3:  *Effective Collaboration Models  between Libraries and STEM
Organizations  *

Oral presentations, poster presentations, and discussions under this topic
will highlight “scalable” and “spreadable” collaborations (local and/or
national) to provide STEM learning experiences. Presenters are invited to
share examples of ways in which public libraries and STEM organizations
(e.g., science museums, STEM professional associations,
universities/colleges, schools, research institutions, state and federal
agencies) are working together to increase access to and availability of
quality STEM learning opportunities in urban, rural, and low-income
communities. Presentations should highlight effective principles for
collaboration, including strategies for managing and sustaining
partnerships and collaborations.

TOPIC 4:  *Strategies for  Reaching Groups Underrepresented in STEM Fields

Informal STEM education providers (including libraries) continually seek to
effectively engage underrepresented audiences in learning opportunities.
Oral presentations, poster presentations, and discussions under this topic
will highlight evidence-based practices and key strategies for designing
and developing successful in-reach/out-reach interactions to engage
targeted audiences in relevant, mindful, and active learning. This topic
strand offers an excellent opportunity for libraries and other informal
education institutions to share and learn from each other’s successful
efforts at engaging underrepresented audiences in STEM learning.

TOPIC 5:  *Building a Foundation for Evaluation and Research for STEM
Learning in Public Libraries *

Oral presentations, poster presentations, and discussions under this topic
will share what is currently known about the nature of STEM learning in
public libraries and other relevant informal education settings.
Presentations will examine the critical factors that lead to rich and
effective STEM learning experiences in libraries and compare them with the
corresponding impacts from other informal education institutions.
Discussions will begin to map an agenda for future STEM learning research
and evaluation in public libraries.

*Abstract Deadline — Thursday, **April 2, 2015*, 5:00 p.m. U.S. Central
Daylight Time <http://www.hou.usra.edu/meetings/images/timezone.jpg>

·         Abstracts sent by e-mail will *NOT* be considered.

·         Abstracts are limited to 1500 characters.

·         All abstracts must be submitted in plain text format.

*·*         All participants are welcome to submit an abstract for a
poster. However, o*ral presentations are by invitation ONLY.*

*·*         *Indicate your interest in *receiving a stipend following your
participation (should funding become available) on the abstract submission

·         *Indicate whether you would like to serve as a session chair by
selecting “yes” or “no” on the abstract submission form. *

Authors are encouraged to start the submission process early so the USRA
staff will have time to provide assistance in the event of technical
problems. For technical assistance, contact Linda Tanner (281-486-2142), or
send an e-mail message to *publish at hou.usra.edu* <publish at hou.usra.edu>.

Thank you!

Paul B. Dusenbery
Space Science Institute

National Center for Interactive Learning
dusenbery at spacescience.org

Keliann LaConte

Lunar and Planetary Institute LaConte at lpi.usra.edu

Conference Conveners

*www.stemlibraryconference.org* <http://www.stemlibraryconference.org>


Sarah Ostman

Communications Manager

Public Programs Office

American Library Association

(312) 280-5061
*www.ala.org/publicprograms* <http://www.ala.org/publicprograms>

*www.ProgrammingLibrarian.org* <http://www.ala.org/publicprograms>

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