[Library Media] Gale Preview Presentation: Mobile Enhancements with Lemma Shomali, Senior Product Manager

Justin Brooksby jbrooksby at uen.org
Fri Feb 20 14:39:33 MST 2015

Gale will be sharing a preview of the enhancements coming to InfoTrac, GVRL and In Context on April 2, with a special presentation by Lemma Shomali, Senior Product Manager. Lemma will walk you through the changes to these product families and discuss Gale’s research and testing process to create an accessible, usable and unified design.

Feel free to share this invite with state library colleagues.

Please choose one of the following options:

  *   Monday February 23 @ 11am MST
  *   Thursday February 25 @ 9am MST
  *   Tuesday March 3 @ 1pm MST

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