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Challenges Reported 2014 - Last Call
All Challenges  (any attempt to have library resource removed) from 2014 need to be reported to the Office of Intellectual Freedom by February 28, 2015.

You may do this yourself at http://www.ala.org/bbooks/challengedmaterials/reporting or forward the information to Wanda Mae Huffaker (chair ULA Intellectual Freedom Committee) whuffaker at slcolibrary.org to enter information for you.

All that is required is:
Title of Resource;
Reason for Challenge;
Decision or Result.
Names of persons making challenge should not be included.

Any questions contact any member of the Intellectual Freedom Committee or Wanda at whuffaker at slcolibrary.org or 801-944-7551

DaNae Leu
Snow Horse Elementary

". . . a book is a little empathy machine. It puts you inside somebody else's head. You see out of the world through somebody else's eyes. It's very hard to hate people of a certain kind when you've just read a book by one of those people."
Niel Gaiman

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