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I began my experience with libraries as a child. Mom would take us
periodically to the old Springville library on main street for story time
and to check out books. In 5th grade, I was given a copy of "Huckleberry
Finn" at afternoon recess and spent the rest of the afternoon reading it,
undisturbed by my teacher.  My 7th grade English teacher was also the
librarian 1/1 day, and we held class in her library surrounded by good
books to read. By the time I was a senior in high school, my librarian had
led me into the Yale set of Shakespeare's works, and I read many of them.
Some of you know that I went from there to being a school librarian
myself, eventually serving on UELMA's Board with one year as president.
Those years, several of us were heavily involved in trying to preserve the
integrity of the profession with the State Legislature and a number of
local school boards.
That was not done for me, it was done for the students. I wanted them to
have the same experiences with libraries and librarians that I have had.
Though retired, I still value the role of librarians in our schools. I
have an appreciation for the changing nature of the profession as impacted
by technology. But the basic need for libraries and librarians, as Luann
has outlined, remains the same.

> The foundation of education is ideas and information - how to access it,
> use it, interact with it, and expand on it.  Reading is the key to
> information.  Not only is reading the key--it is the single most important
> factor that effects the personal and professional success of people.  The
> library is fundamental to education.  It is a *laboratory* for so much of
> what goes on in the classroom - alphabet, math (dewey system), point of
> view, topic sentence, informational text, etc.  The library enhances and
> contributes to all subjects taught in the school.  The librarian is the
> "king or queen" of collaboration.
> I was reading an article and found a wonderful definition of the library.
> “We
> are a place for the curious, for creativity, a place for learning, a place
> to experiment."
> I love libraries!
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