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Kimi Burbank kimi.burbank at ccsdut.org
Thu Oct 30 13:41:28 MDT 2014

I am going to gather various informational texts and make up some game
between groups to examine and identify.  Any other ideas would be more than
welcome :)

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On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 1:22 PM, Kimi Burbank <kimi.burbank at ccsdut.org>

> I am trying to get some good information together to develop a unit to
> help teachers with the new writing test where they are evaluating text
> structures.  They have to be able to easily recognize the difference
> between things such as narrative, information/explanatory,
> chronological/temporal, sequence, cause/effect, problem/solution,
> compare/contrast, description/list, argumentative, etc. and then write
> something in that format.  Any websites, power points, ideas?
> Thanks,
> Kimi Burbank
> Teacher-Librarian
> Spring Creek Middle School
> Providence, UT  84332
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