[Library Media] The Second Age of Reason

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Tue Sep 30 15:56:27 MDT 2014

The September 8-15 issue of Time Magazine has in it an article, "The
Answers Issue," a section of which is titled* The Second Age of Reason:
Information Overload Will Improve Our Lives*. It describes our current age
as not the Information Age, but the Age of Answers or the Second Age of

Do you agree with the following quote? I have long been a proponent of
finding the best information by whatever method or source necessary.
Serendipity is a search no one takes the time to do anymore, though.
Browsing? Fat chance! Take the first item on the results hit list and move
on is more likely.

*"If there's a cost to the age of answers, it's probably our loss of
serendipity. We've honed our daily news feeds to send us stuff that already
interests us, so we're less likely to stumble upon a quirky story on page
B-13. We gravitate toward online cocoons of like-minded people who don't
challenge our assumptions. Optimizing isn't always optimal. *

*"But for the most part, answers are good to know. You just have to ask the
right questions." *

An argument for our Utah Library Media Core Standards if I've ever heard

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