[Library Media] School district bans Shannon Hale from elementary libraries????

Cindy Mitchell cindy.mitchell at jordandistrict.org
Sat Sep 20 18:04:11 MDT 2014

" ...a school district that decreed that a series of books by Utah author
Shannon Hale should not be in the libraries in any of its nearly 50
elementary schools. *The Goose Girl* and its sequels are recommended for
grades six through eight, so younger kids, apparently, shouldn't be allowed
to read them."


Does anyone know anything about this?  I read it this morning in the most
recent City Weekly.  I have included a quote and a link to the whole
opinion piece.  But i am mystified about the origins.  Which district would
this be?  Is this based on truth?  If so, there should be a much louder
outcry than just small opinion piece that doesn't even give any real


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