[Library Media] Research Shows Closing School Libraries and Cutting Certified Librarians Does Not Make Sense

Sharon Deeds sdeeds at utah.gov
Wed Jul 23 14:15:44 MDT 2014

>From School Library Journal

A substantial body of research—34 studies to be exact—known as the “School
Library Impact Studies,” which includes data from 23 states and one
Canadian province, was summarized by Debra Kachel, project director of the
Pennsylvania School Library Project, et al (2013) at Mansfield University,
and provides a wealth of evidence about the positive correlation between
properly staffed and funded school libraries and improved student

“Although the effects of poverty still remain a primary force in
determining student academic success, state after state showed that such
socioeconomic conditions could not explain away the impact of school
library programs, especially school library staffing, funding, and quality
collections,” Kachel concludes

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