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Greetings and best wishes for the coming New Year! 

I hesitate to interrupt
your holidays, but Representative Francis Gibson told me we need to start NOW and I
agree. (In fact, “NOW” was just before Christmas.)

Francis Gibson of Mapleton and member of the Public Education Appropriations
Subcommittee, has very graciously agreed to be our spokesperson, our proponent
on the Subcommittee. He knows our programs, our arguments. He understands.
PLEASE DO NOT CALL HIM OR SEND HIM EMAILS. He is already on our side and I am
most appreciative of his support. (Rep. Tim Cosgrove, our former standard
bearer on the Subcommittee is still an active advocate, working in other ways
for us, but he is no longer on the Subcommittee.)

Representative Gibson outlined a “to-do” list for us: 

1)   1) During the first six to seven days of the
legislative session, all appropriations subcommittees will review every line
item in their budgets. This means our line item for school library books and
electronic resources in the education budget will be scrutinized to
determine whether or not the line item should be eliminated. We need to act.
2)      2) We need to start calling now—call members of the
Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee NOW. (Yes, call. Calling is  most effective and there’ll be no chance to
reach them on the phone later.) Start with anyone on the committee who is your
representative or senator, than branch out to the others. (The names and phone
numbers from the Utah Legislature website are below.) I’ve found almost every
single one to be congenial. 
3)      3) Please tell them: 
a.       How the legislative
funding for school library books and electronic resources has been spent in the past in your
school library. No titles, please, but be specific in telling which areas of
your collection have been strengthened and which classroom units of study or programs,
or special populations of students have been supported.
b.      Tell what you are doing that helps students academically and helps teachers
c.       Explain
how additional funding will help students, teachers, and the school library
4)      This is critical, not only for retaining funding, but for adding to what we have. (We started with $2 million and the
amount has eroded over the years and now is at $500,000, less than $1.00 per
student. We need your voice!
5)      You have made a strong impression in the past. Legislators
have told me a number of times that they hear from many of you. Let them hear
6)      Starting now, I will be meeting one-on-one with
individual members of the Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee and some
of the Executive Appropriations Committee members. If you are able to join me,
we would have a much stronger voice. (They are used to me. New faces would really
benefit our cause. If you are interested, please email me at sharylsmith at att.net and I’ll work with
your schedule.) 
If we work together, we can retain this funding, even
increase it. Please call as many members as possible.

Sharyl Smith
	1. schoollibraryPALS: Parents Advocating for Libraries in Schools

Current members of the Public Education Appropriations
Sen. Howard A. Stephenson, Senate Chair
Home: 801-572-1038
Work: 801-972-8814  
Rep. Bradley G. Last, House Chair  
Home: 435-635-7334
Rep. Steve Eliason, House Vice Chair  
Cell: 801-673-4748

Sen. J. Stuart Adams 
Home: 801-593-1776
Rep. Joel K. Briscoe  
Home: 801-583-2281
Cell: 801-946-9791
Rep. LaVar Christensen
Cell: 801-808-5105
Work: 801-572-9878
Rep. Francis D. Gibson  
 No need to contact him now, please.
Rep. Stephen G. Handy  
Cell: 801-979-8711
Sen. Lyle W. Hillyard  
Home: 435-753-0043
Work: 435-752-2610
Sen. Patricia W. Jones  
Home: 801-278-7667
Work:  801-322-5722


 Rep. Michael S. Kennedy  
 Home: 801-763-1376
 Cell: 801-358-2362
 Work: 801-796-1333

 Rep. David E. Lifferth  
Sen. Mark B. Madsen 
Cell: 801-360-9389 

 Rep. Carol Spackman Moss  
Home: 801-272-6507
Cell: 801-647-8764

 Rep. Jim Nielson
 Cell: 801-550-3474
Sen. Aaron Osmond 
Home: 801-253-6853
Cell: 801-888-8742
 Rep. Kraig Powell 
Home: 435-654-5986
Work: 435-657-0185
Sen. Daniel W. Thatcher  
Cell:  801-759-4746
Sen. Stephen H. Urquhart 
Work: 435-668-7759
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