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I organized my fiction into genres about four years ago and it's been a big success. Kids can easily find what they like. It's also really easy for me and teachers to pull books for classroom projects (novels for U.S. history of early America, novels based on fairy tales, sci-fi, etc.).  I do think it's important for kids to read books from multiple genres, and I've found that  doing displays and putting books on counters helps kids naturally branch out. Sometimes it's tricky to decide the genre books will go in (like many of you have mentioned), but kids will tell me if I get it wrong and it belongs somewhere else-I love it when they do that. I use stickers on books for shelving purposes, and labels on the shelves. I also put the genre for each book in Destiny under the sub-location.  Getting it all set up was a pain, but was worth it in the end. It's just really worked for the kids in our school. I don't think I'd ever attempt to do it with non-fiction, and it seems silly since the Dewey system naturally does it anyway.

Thanks for  the discussion. It's nice to know what's happening outside of my school and district.

Have a nice break!
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Very thought provoking article.  Who out there has had experience organizing their libraries by genre and what was the result?  Any other thoughts on this subject?


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Library Friends

Yes, we all have Christmas on the mind, but I am surprised that statewide there has only been one response as to the important issues addressed by Library Girl: 1. At what point has a legitimate topic been run into the ground and become counter productive? 2. What is the difference between solid discussion and self-pity?

While this particular discussion may not need to be continued, in general are we well-utilizing the library listserv? It is meant to be a mini-Utah-version of LM_Net, I believe, and, hopefully, one less burdened by high volume. It can be used by any member to ask questions and get help from school librarians throughout the state. It can be used to discuss issues. It can be used to get the word out about events, programs, and resources. You are ALL welcome and encouraged to post, respond and share. Feel fee to promote registration to your non-registered colleagues. And thanks to Paula Zsiray for managing it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you ALL!


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I seldom comment on this listserv, if ever, but I loved this article.  Take the time to read it.

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Here's a spitfire article from a passionate librarian. You probably have favorite library blogs as well, but library girl - the real person - is one  of my favorite contributors to LinkedIn. The article really hits too close to home for me; I just need to move on past some of my go-to topics of library conversation. http://www.librarygirl.net/2013/12/five-more-conversations-about-school.html

I love the superwoman graphic as well. I can just visualize a superman or superwoman librarian jumping in to save the day. I like to think Friday night I was superwoman librarian here at Layton High as I went dumpster diving to save my UELMA conference planning binder from the dump. We have really efficient custodians here who don't like to see a box sitting around that could possibly be cleaned up. Seven o'clock at night, in the dark, under the headlights of my car and in bitter cold weather the custodian and I dived in and rescued the binder. Ta-da! Kudos to all the other librarians out there making heroic efforts!!


Fawn B. Morgan

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"Literacy is not something added to the plate; it is the plate."  - Meltzer, 2005
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