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Here's a spitfire article from a passionate librarian. You probably have favorite library blogs as well, but library girl - the real person - is one  of my favorite contributors to LinkedIn. The article really hits too close to home for me; I just need to move on past some of my go-to topics of library conversation. http://www.librarygirl.net/2013/12/five-more-conversations-about-school.html

I love the superwoman graphic as well. I can just visualize a superman or superwoman librarian jumping in to save the day. I like to think Friday night I was superwoman librarian here at Layton High as I went dumpster diving to save my UELMA conference planning binder from the dump. We have really efficient custodians here who don't like to see a box sitting around that could possibly be cleaned up. Seven o'clock at night, in the dark, under the headlights of my car and in bitter cold weather the custodian and I dived in and rescued the binder. Ta-da! Kudos to all the other librarians out there making heroic efforts!!


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