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[Ogden School District Library Program]

[Vol. 1 No. 7 ~ Dec. 16, 2013]

[New DTL Phone Number: 801-737-7352]

[Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  This Newsletter:  2nd Grade Meteorologists: Heritage  5th Grade...]

[2nd Grade Meteorologists at Heritage Elementary  It was cloudy with a chance of giggles in the second...]

[Students rehearse their forecasts.  Cloudy skies predicted.  Practicing eye contact and voice...]

[Madison 5th Grade Explorers Come to the Americas!  5th graders at James Madison Elementary School...]

[Madison students format pages for their explorer book.  Students present their explorer research book...]

[MyOn Books  There are so many resources for students and teachers available from Pioneer, Utah’s...]

[Library Spotlight  In a very unique physical environment, Dee Elementary's clerks, Kari Widdison and...]

[A new book display on movable carts with student artwork.  Kari Widdison and Dana Olsen.  Dee...]

[Ogden School District Teacher Librarians  We are excited to co-teach with you in your classroom....]

[Previous Newsletters and Flyers (Click Here)  "Think, Create, Share, Grow" are used with permission...]



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