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*For Widest Dissemination:*

Following is a news release announcing that grants to public and non-profit
cultural heritage organizations for records preservation are available
through the Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board. Applications are
due by December 20, 2013. Please feel free to share this information.

Thank you.

Glen Fairclough

State of Utah | Department of Administrative Services

Division of State Archives and Records Service

Contact: Marilee Richins, Operational Officer (DAS), (801) 538-3215
mprichins at utah.gov


*Records preservation grant funding available*

      The Utah State Archives and Records Service under the auspices of the
Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board has grant funding available to
non-profit organizations and local governments for historical records
preservation projects.

     Funding can be used to help repositories statewide preserve at-risk,
historic records and to provide access to important collections.  Historical
records preservation projects might include purchasing archival supplies to
house historical records, processing or organizing historical records,
purchasing disaster recovery supplies, or performing a records inventory.

     These grants are intended for short-term projects and the maximum
award is $750.  All grants require a one-to-one in-kind and/or cash match.
Grants must be completed with reimbursement forms submitted by June 20,
2014.  Grant funding comes from the National Historical Publications and
Records Commission.

      Applications are required and must be received by December 20,
2013.  Grant
projects cannot begin before March 3, 2014.  We require each grant
applicant to have a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number before
submitting an application.  The grant guidelines and application are
available at http://www.archives.utah.gov/USHRAB/forms.html.  For further
information, contact Janell Tuttle at jtuttle at utah.gov.


Glen Fairclough

Utah State Archives and Records Service

346 South Rio Grande Street

Salt Lake City, Utah 84101-1106


gfairclough at utah.gov


Stephen A. Matthews, PhD
LSTA Grants Coordinator, Rural Library Consultant
Utah State Library
250 N 1950 W, Suite A
Salt Lake City, UT 84116
W: 801-715-6722
Fax: 801-715-6767
smatthews at utah.gov
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