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[Ogden School District Library Program]

[Vol. 1 No. 5 ~ Nov. 11, 2013]

[Thank You Veterans!]

[OHS Seniors Research and Create Bills  During October, the District Teacher Librarians collaborated...]

[Looking back on the project, many students commented on how the Google Documents helped them to...]

[Not Your Mother’s Librarian  1+1=3. Really? Not last time I checked. However, take a classroom...]

[Using Your Noodle Tool!  The seven DTLs took a trip to the University of Utah for a full day of UEN...]

[Library Spotlight  The library clerks at Horace Mann Elementary are team players. Carry Barney and...]

[Ogden School District Teacher Librarians  We are excited to co-teach with you in your classroom....]

[Previous Newsletters and Flyers (Click Here)  "Think, Create, Share, Grow" are used with permission...]


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