[Library Media] School libraries play a key role in changing lives of our nation’s youth

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Especially school libraries in lower income areas should write an article for local newspapers and school newsletters about the great equalizer statement.


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The press release for the unveiling of the Declaration for the Right to
Libraries stated
"Our school libraries play a key role in changing lives of our nation’s
youth. Numerous studies show there is a clear link between the quality of school library programs and academic achievement. More than 60 studies in 19 states have conclusively demonstrated that students in schools with school library programs staffed by qualified school librarians learn more, have higher academic achievement levels, and score higher on standardized tests than their peers in schools without such library programs."

 Barbara Stripling's (ALA President-elect) presidential initiative, entitled Libraries Change Lives, will focus on increasing public understanding of the value of libraries, especially in the realms of literacy, innovation, and community engagement. Now is the time for us to build the public will for libraries of all types.

For more information regarding the “Declaration for the Right to Libraries,” or for information on how to participate, please visit


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