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Neal Shusterman's assistant asked me to pass this on to all of you.  He came to Weber High last year.  He was great with the kids, spending most of his time answering their questions.  If any of you are interested, feel free to contact Marcia.  Additionally, if your school is involved in English Quest this next year, one of the books on the booklist is Unwind.
Tour Dates
 1. Week of October 21st
2. Week of November 4th
3. Week of December 16th
 The publishers have set the minimum book commitment at 200 books of UnSouled per author visit. Those books would need to be in by October 15th 2013. Also, if you participate you will receive an advance copy of UnSouled a few months prior to the release-date.
 What I will need from you is the commitment of 200 books, what dates will work for you and your information. Neal will be making the selections over the next week or so for this tour.
Marcia Blanco
Assistant to Mr. Shusterman
marciablancopla at gmail.com<mailto:marciablancopla at gmail.com>


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