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One additional suggestion is to have shelving that is portable, on wheels. Our school was rebuilt and reopened in 2006. The shelving is of two types, that are both on wheels. The first type is display shelving with a sloped display area  and a lip to hold whatever we wish to display-new acquisitions, periodicals, and other displays. The others have adjustable shelves. It's great to be able to arrange the collection to adapt to the needs of our school. When the library is used for large gatherings, we can move the shelving out of the way. They are quite heavy when loaded with books however, so I'm glad we don't do it often.

Our shelving is white, so to keep it clean I have student library media students who are responsible to find the surprises and such every single day. I can adjust the shelves, but still have a rather large oversized book collection of the coffee table sized books that just don't behave well with the regular sized books.

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My experience is that no matter how many hours you put in to joint planning with the architect, contractor, sub-contractor, your chances of getting what you need are slim. Usually, though, it is fairly close - whatever is easier for them to build, though. How much you can pressure for "exactly right" will depend on so many things beyond your control. ALA published Designing the School Library Media Center for the Future by Erikson and Markuson that was very helpful in designing a rebuild so I am recommending it to the general group. It states:

A. Shelving section width: 3 feet (Mine met this requirement only because it was so normal for the industry.)

B. Shelving depths: 10" standard, 12" Reference and picture books, 15" Multimedia (Most of mine ended up 11.5" - apparently an approximate average!)

C. Shelving heights: 42-48" with 3 shelves, 60-66" w 4-5 shelves, 72-78" w 6 shelves, 84-9- w 7 shelves (Mine ended up being 48" with 3 shelves for fiction, non-fiction, multi-media; and 80" with 5 shelves mounted to a wall for reference. The reference were not adjustable so individual shelves were extra tall and deep - oh, well, at least they are super sturdy.)

All my shelves other than reference are adjustable but the total height makes the individual shelves too deep and too high, just enough so that candy wrappers and junk can easily be stuffed behind the books making for disgusting surprises later on. Individual oversized shelves are 13" deep and 20" high, enough room to display a book open. Very few books in that section.

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We are running into quite a controversy over how to build the new shelves for our "new" library.  Before the fire, we had fully adjustable shelving, with six shelves in the non-fiction and seven shelves per cabinet to hold the fiction books.

I know you are all crazy busy, and answering these questions would take some time, but I would really appreciate the following input from any and all of you (and especially from those with newer libraries):

1 - What is your cabinet height and shelf height in your fiction section?

2 - What is your cabinet height and shelf height in your non fiction section?

3 - What is your cabinet height and shelf height in your reference section?

4 - Do you have a section specifically for the oversized books that do not fit on your shelves?  If so, how many books are in that section?

5 - Are ALL of your shelves fully adjustable?

Thank you so much!!!!!!!
Jeanna Grover
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