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When working as a school librarian, I had an unorthodox way of shelving
books because our library was fairly small in size. In order to keep the
classes from gathering in one area; I shelved the fiction books on the
bottom rows and the non-fiction on the top rows. That way, we could spread
a class around the entire perimeter while exposing them to fiction and
non-fiction at the same time. (Worked well for English classes, but still
had some of the crowding problem when science or history classes came in,
but to a lesser degree than if the books had all been on 1-2 shelf units.
At least then students were exposed to both genres when browsing.)

 Thanks. George Weight

> We are running into quite a controversy over how to build the new shelves
> for our "new" library.  Before the fire, we had fully adjustable shelving,
> with six shelves in the non-fiction and seven shelves per cabinet to hold
> the fiction books.
> I know you are all crazy busy, and answering these questions would take
> some time, but I would really appreciate the following input from any and
> all of you (and especially from those with newer libraries):
> 1 - What is your cabinet height and shelf height in your fiction section?
> 2 - What is your cabinet height and shelf height in your non fiction
> section?
> 3 - What is your cabinet height and shelf height in your reference
> section?
> 4 - Do you have a section specifically for the oversized books that do not
> fit on your shelves?  If so, how many books are in that section?
> 5 - Are ALL of your shelves fully adjustable?
> Thank you so much!!!!!!!
> Jeanna Grover
> San Juan High
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