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Thu Mar 21 09:28:35 MDT 2013

This is a question a high school teacher is asking and I want to give him the right answer. Thanks so much for your help. I'll post the answers.  

Jan Duane, 
Juan Diego Catholic High School, 
Draper, Ut   

Here's the background.  I want to teach blended classes in AP Lit and Shakespeare next year.  I'd like students to be able to view and listen to DVDs, videos, and audio files or books we have in our library catalog at home.  I plan to create a website for each class where we can post resources.  

Here's the question:  Can we upload the VHS and DVDs we have to a class website?  Here's a specific example--We have a PBS Home Video, "In Search of Shakespeare," which I'd like to show sections and have students watch at home.


Dr. Delmar Arnold
English Department
Juan Diego Catholic High School

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