[Library Media] collection suggestions for urban middle school

Jeraldene Albrecht jeraldene.albrecht at jordandistrict.org
Tue Mar 19 20:38:15 MDT 2013

Coming to the public school library from a public librarian job, I would
suggest visiting the public library in your school area and talking to a
youth services librarian about what is popular with the 6-8th grade ages,
If you don't want to visit with them just browse the JF shelves. The
librarians can steer you to some great on-line resources and it will be a
way to start building the collection that you want to have. As far as
labeling? not sure I would want to start that unless your predecessor has a
lot of labels already, putting a mature sticker might attract those who
just want to find something more mature, with my high school I just give my
students a heads up when they check out books about content they may find
objectionable. I think that you will find that you really enjoy the middle
school kids.
Jeri Albrecht
Bingham High School
Library Teacher
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