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Good News! 
Again, at the close of the Utah Legislative Session, we can say "thanks"! The 
line item for "school library books and electronic resources" was funded at the 
requested level, the same as last year, $550,000. 

Please say thanks and, in the very same sentence, invite legislators to visit 
your school library. They need to see firsthand that we embrace technology and 
students do more than check out books­.­­­­!
By contacting legislators, you will be re-enforcing the idea that we are a group 
with an important role to play in children's education. Also, we are becoming 
known as the people who express appreciation. Not everybody does.
I appreciate all of you who recently responded to my informal telephone survey, 
asking how you spent this appropriation last year and I am thankful to all of 
you who have emailed legislators in the past to say thank you and to everyone 
who will respond to this request now:
Please say thanks this weekend. I appreciate your help immensely.
Best wishes,
Sharyl Smith
Here are the legislators, with their addresses:    PLEASE USE YOUR HOME 
The Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee memberswho have supported 
school libraries in the past and continue to do so, or are new to the committee 
and gave me ample time to meet one-on-one to explain our needs and were positive 
in their responses:
Rep. Joel K. Briscoe  jbriscoe at le.utah.gov
Rep. LaVar Christensen  lavarchristensen at utah.gov

Rep. Steve Eliason        seliason at utah.gov    

Rep. Francis D. Gibson fgibson at utah.gov    

Rep. Stephen G. Handy stevehandy at utah.gov
Sen. Lyle W. Hillyard     lhillyard at utahsenate.org  
Sen. Patricia Jones      pjones at utahsenate.org
Rep. Michael S. Kennedy mikekennedy at le.utah.gov
  Rep. Bradley G. Last, Co-Chair blast at le.utah.gov
Rep. David E. Lifferth dliffe­­rth at le.utah.gov
Rep. Carol Spackman Moss      csmoss at utah.gov            
Sen. Aaron Osmond  aosmond at le.utah.gov(He won my "Best Listener" Award for 
Rep. Kraig Powell       kraigpowell at le.utah.gov
Sen. Howard A. Stephenson, Co-Chair              hstephenson at le.utahsenate.org
Sen. Daniel W. Thatcher dthatcher at utahsenate.org
Sen. Stephen H. Urquhardt  surquhart at le.utah.gov
      He earned my "Best Listener" Award for 2013.
The Executive Appropriations Committee members (and legislative leadership) who 
have been especially supportive:
Speaker Rebecca Lockhart             blockhart at utah.gov
Rep. Mel Brown Co-Chair            melbrown at utah.gov
Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck            rchouck at utah.gov
Rep. Tim M. Cosgrove   tcosgrove at utah.govAs always, our hero! Tim advises, helps 
in year-long planning, speaks out, and urges his colleagues to support. 

  Sen. Gene Davis  gdavis at le.utah.gov
Rep. Greg Hughes      greghughes at utah.gov
Sen. Patricia Jones      pjones at utahsenate.org
Sen. Karen Mayne      kmayne at le.utah.gov
Sen. Luz Robles          lrobles at le.utah.gov
Rep. Jennifer M. Seelig  jseelig at le.utah.gov
Other legislators, many with whom I’ve met, who, individually or as a group, 
have been supportive.
Rep. Patrice Arent      parent at utah.gov
Rep. Susan Duckworth   sduckworth at utah.gov
Rep. Janice Fisher       janicefisher at utah.gov
Rep. Lynn Hemingway           lhemingway at utah.gov
Rep. Neal Hendrickson           nhendrickson at utah.gov
Rep. Brian King          briansking at utah.gov
Rep. Marie H. Poulson   mariepoulson at utah.gov      
Rep. Mark Wheatley   markwheatley at utah.gov
Rep. Larry Wiley        lwiley at utah.gov
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