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It was fate, good fortune, the luck of the Gods that helped me decide to attend Sam Bracken's Orange Dufflebag Davis Reads presentation last night. I was weighing making my bedtime or not. Oh, man, was it ever worth it! It balanced out a very bad day...and the day before... The best quote: "Helping others can be a messy prossess, but it is worth saving lives."

If there is one book you might want to lend to an at-risk student, this is the one. It has pictures, passion, reality, motivation and techniques for coming out of a bad place and succeeding. I bought three but they are not catalogued yet. You can pick one up at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

Here's the trailer - blocked earlier but available now - http://www.myorangeduffelbag.com/videos/ Click on the first video book trailer.

"I spent five years with Sam Bracken at a time of transformation for him. His is a stunning story of courage, resiliency, and servant-leadership. He told a 1,000-page story in exactly 66 pages. The format, the sincerity, and yes, the agony that leaps off the pages is palpable and transforming. There are two pains in life-the pain of discipline and the pain of regret...we all choose every day. The difference in Sam and those who are gobbled up by our sick society is that he usually chose wisely. He took our team's messages to heart in tangible ways. We would all do well to read, and heed, his powerful message." —Bill Curry, NCAA football coach, former NFL player with three SuperBowl rings

"If you want to make big changes in your own life, but aren't sure how, please read this book." —Sean Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make: A Guide for Teens


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