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The Keyboards can be unpaired but it is not a process I would suggest on a regular basis. With this I mind a few of them might be useful to have. As far as transport, I purchased a 'netbook' sleeve (super thin case with now handles) that hold the keyboard beautifully and I can also slips ipad into it to carry or pack into a larger bag. Just some thoughts.

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"Keyboards for iPads" was a topic at our statewide TCC (District Technology Directors) meeting last Thursday (Alan Gibbons attends from your district). Only a few districts have purchased keyboards for student iPads; those which have said that there has been so little use of them that it was somewhat a waste of money.

A problem to keep in mind: keyboards for iPads connect via Bluetooth wireless. Each keyboard MUST be paired with a specific iPad, and once paired, will not work with any other iPad. Thus you will need a numbering system to keep the iPads and their respective keyboards together.

Apple sells (or sold) a keyboard with an integrated dock connector. The downside was that it would work only in the portrait position. It uses a 30-pin dock connector; if you have new iPads with Lightning connectors these would not work.

I am not aware of any iPad carts which are designed to store/organize keyboards along with the iPads. Most carts (Spectrum Industries is an exception) have slots that are so narrow that it is difficult to put in anything but a bare iPad.

If you haven't already purchased bluetooth keyboards, two to consider are the Zagg/Logitech #920-003402 keyboard case (friction fit), and the Logitech magnetic keyboard #920-004013 (connects with the magnetic hinge feature of iPad 2/3/4. Both are about $70 on Amazon and both are thin enough to go in most carts (attached to the iPad) so that would solve your storage problem. You would still need to pair and number them in case the kids decide to mix them up for you.

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I am wondering if anyone has ordered keyboards for their iPad labs and if so if you have found a good way to organize, store, and deliver them easily to the classrooms.

Thank you,

Lora Smith, Media Specialist
White Pine Middle School Richmond, UT
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