[Library Media] UELMA Conference Service Project

Andrea Woodring anwoodring at wsd.net
Mon Mar 4 10:12:10 MST 2013

As many of you know this year San Juan High School was dealt a devastating blow. Their school library was destroyed by fire by two arsonists.  Jeannie Grover, the librarian, has worked hard to still offer services to her patrons.

This year UELMA has chosen San Juan High School for our service project. UELMA will match all donations up to $700.00 to go towards San Juan's library.

During the morning meeting we will have a miracle minute, where we will pass around buckets for guests of the conference to donate what they can to help rebuild the library at San Juan High School. Any spare change that you can donate will be appreciated. All of our spare change put together can make a huge difference for San Juan High School.
Thanks for your support!

Andrea Woodring

Conference Chair

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