[Library Media] After Jane Austen, then what?

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Good suggestions, Bill. As with all other like inquiries, this question
should be addressed with a series of other questions. (1) Which of Jane
Austin's books did you like the best? (2) What did you like about it? (3)
What did you learn from it? (3) Have you seen the video version? How did
it compare? And so forth.

Take, for example, "Pride and Prejudice." If that's the one the student
mentions, did they like the romance? The satire? The social patterns and
issues? The historical setting? They may not answer these directly, but
you should be able to sense how their answers may relate to other
literature. Johnathan Swift, for example, would be one for satire
(Gulliver's Travels), and Charles Dickens for social issues ("Great
Expectations," "Bleak House," "Little Dorrit", "David Copperfield", etc.).
"Gone with the Wind" fills a bit of the historical romance interests. You
get the idea.

Librarians are in a unique position to deal with a student's individual
interests and needs. That's one big reason we should always be alert to
defend ourselves from those that consider us "book stampers" or "fine

> One of my LA teachers says to have them try books by Gwen Bristow like
> *Jubilee
> Trail. *They have similar theme although slightly more "mature" in an
> American setting.  She also suggests George Eliot books like *The Mill on
> the Floss  *and *Adam Bede**  *or maybe even *Gone with the Wind*.
> *
> -Bill
> *
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>>  This is the question that has been presented to me by several students.
>> "I have read all of Jane Austen's books, what other authors are
>> similar?"
>> I welcome any suggestions.
>> thanks
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