[Library Media] Stressful Job?

Fawn Morgan FMORGAN at dsdmail.net
Wed Jan 16 14:41:23 MST 2013

Thought you might all get a giggle out of this article I first saw referenced on LinkedIn in the School Librarians group.

Dan C. commented in part, "You are expected to be all things to all people: sure, maintain good resources and keep them available all the while matching the right resource to the right person, but you also have to be the tech expert, the media expert, and now with Common Core in most states you are also depended upon to be a curricular expert. True, these ARE all part of our responsibilities and the things we like to do, but some expectations are way out of line. There is considerable stress to perform all these duties and more under the pressure of declining staffing and funding. Doing more with less is the standard (in my state of Michigan the decline in the number of school library media specialist positions is frightening)."

The comments to the GalleyCat article where from public librarians. Both types will either be furious or chuckle depending on the actual stress level for any given the day. Poor deluded publishers!



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