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Jan –
It sounds like you need to come to my session at UELMA this year (assuming my proposal is accepted). The title is “Ebooks and School Libraries.”

The short answer to your question is, “Don’t.” The intermediate answer is “Take your time and consider waiting.” If you are absolutely gung-ho, ready to go, or are under administrative pressure, or have an “ebook-only” grant, or are at a tech-heavy school with good support, this is what I would do:

1.       Management is the librarian’s biggest headache with ebooks. If your Follett Destiny system is up-to date, it is, or can be, fully integrated with  the “Follett Shelf” ebook management system. I would do that, even though the system will currently only manage ebooks purchased from Follett.

2.       Focus on Non-fiction - and only Non-fiction that directly supports specific curriculum in your school.

3.       Only buy ebooks that are licensed for an “unlimited” number of users. (They cost more, but an entire school can use them at the same time).

Anyway, that’s what I would do. We in Davis District have Destiny as well, but I haven’t yet decided the time is right to start in my library. Don’t worry about missing any boat. You may only be missing 8-Track tape cartridges for music, or Sony BetaMax video tape, or HD Video disks…

The early adopters may just be running into the jungle blind. (And, believe me, it IS a jungle right now!)

-Brian Ferguson
Teacher Librarian
South Davis Junior High

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I simply can't decide what to do about ebooks, what company to use (Destiny is my system), how much to spend, what to buy and on and on.  If you have purchased any, done anything at all, I would be most interested in hearing what you are doing and how the students are responding.  I am, frankly, my dears, at a loss.


Laughing (kinda),
Jan Duane
Juan Diego CHS

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