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First of all - I would just like to say "THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  to all those who have expressed concern over our situation, offered help, and sent "condolences!"

Due to the recent events that have transpired at our school, high school library collections are at the front of my brain, so I would like to pick your brains!!

Would any of the 1A, 2A, and smaller 3A schools share some data with me?  Oh heck - I would like to know about the bigger schools too.   I am especially curious to know how many titles are in your collections.  How many books are in your collection?   How many fiction, how many non-fiction?  I am also very interested to know what you catalog.  Do you keep track of media carts, projectors, overhead projectors (weird I know, but we still have teachers that refuse to give them up), calculators, staplers, dvd players, cd players, ipod docks, etc.

Would you all share with me things that you love about the layout of your library as well as things that you would change if you could?  What parts of a library do you think are the most essential, what parts are used the most (reading area, homework areas,  tables, computers, etc.)?  What are the latest and greatest trends in the new libraries in our state?

Thank you in advance!!!

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