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> Dear Utah Librarians,
> Have you heard about ILEAD USA? If so, you may also be wondering what
> projects other librarians have completed. Below is a compiled list from the
> original Illinois cohorts of 2010 and 2011.
> Don't forget to visit Utah's ILEAD USA page at http://bit.ly/ileadusautah.
> You can find out more information about ILEAD USA, add your name to the
> growing list of people looking for a team to submit an application for the
> program.
> If you have a colleague that may not have received this email, please feel
> free to forward this to them.
>  ****
> In 2010, projects included (team name in italics at beginning of
> description):
>    - *Entrepreneurs 2.0*: A team of public librarians developed business
>    resources to strengthen the connection between businesses and libraries,
>    and to assist individuals creating their own businesses.
>    www.thebusinessresource.org (not recently updated)
>    - *ESL DuPage*: Librarians from two public libraries and one academic
>    library created an interactive website for English Language Learners,
>    primarily Spanish and Polish. The website is no longer active.
>    - *I-ADAPT*: "A crossroads where folks can tell their story, share
>    experiences, get training, find resources, find a job, help each other,
>    start up or promote their business and promote their community." Their web
>    portal for rural communities is at http://ruraladapt.wordpress.com.
>    (not recently updated)
>    - *Lincoln Lawgs*: a collaboration among several law school libraries
>    in Chicago, where students attending law schools across Illinois could
>    obtain advice about legal research or talk with other law school students.
>    They developed a website (www.lincolnlawgs.com) (not recently updated).
>    - *Little Egypt Consortium*: Public librarians created resources for
>    young adults seeking career and educational opportunities. They created a
>    humorous video showing teens how not to act in an interview, at
>    http://youtu.be/2Da1G9DMptA. Other videos at
>    http://www.youtube.com/user/LittleEgyptLibrarian.
>    - *Pandora*: Created a portal of library resources, including
>    information from the Illinois State Library, the University of
>    Illinois-Springfield Brookens Library, and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential
>    Library, for Illinois State Agencies. (Defunct)
>    - *Southside 2.0*: A web portal for teens who are experiencing life
>    transitions, and resources to aid those transitions. (Defunct)
>    - *Springfield Big Read*: In connection with the Springfield, Illinois
>    "Big Read"--The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers--the team of
>    librarians put together an "Under the Influence: Music that Inspires
>    contest. The team invited multimedia submissions from college age students
>    about how music has inspired and shaped their lives. (Website defunct)
>         ****
> Projects from 2011
>    - *The Engaging Ones*: A team of public and academic librarians who
>    created an app to combine library calendars of events, Google Maps, and GPS
>    data for teen patrons to find events at libraries near where they are
>    located. www.engagingones.org.
>    - *History in the Making*: Facilitate collaboration between public
>    libraries and community organizations to digitize projects significant to
>    the community.
>    - *MyLib*: Focused on project management and contract development with
>    intention to build an app to connect patrons with their library's calendar
>    of events. Used project money to have contractor build app for them.
>    - *Project READ*: School and public librarians created partnerships
>    between their libraries to support print literacy (Illinois School Library
>    Media Association Award Books [ABE Award]) and digital literacy within
>    their community. They hoped to work with groups already in place and
>    combine with library programming using social media, geocaching, and manga
>    & anime creation. Grouply was used as an environment for the high school
>    and junior high students to blog and discuss the ABE Award. They were able
>    to include nearly 150 students in this program during the summer. In
>    August, they held an ice cream party for the participants followed by a
>    Skype session with ABE Award Winner, author Todd Strasser. They also held a
>    "Snacks and Skype" for older elementary students, Skyping with authors
>    Charise Harper and Roseanne Perry. "Skips and Stories" was for K-3
>    students. Theater students acted out a scene from a book, then the children
>    used the "Storymaker" online program with teen volunteers to help mentor
>    the children. They worked with an outdoor adventure club and a science club
>    at the high school to create a geocaching adventure. They worked with
>    another group of high school students to create content via graphics
>    tablets and the programs Manga Debut Studio 4 and Anime Studio 8. They also
>    had a student create a video tutorial for both programs. This was started
>    through school groups and continued through the public library. View the
>    YouTube of the project presentation at
>    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HH7SbyXy2c&lr=1 (recommended!)
>    - *Six Miles of Local History*: Create a website with digitized
>    historical photographs, interviews, and narratives from the area of
>    southwest Illinois known as Six Mile.
>    - *Team Explorers*: A team of librarians from the Illinois State
>    Library created a database of usable historic Illinois Maps for the purpose
>    of exploration, entertainment, and study. Included in the project is the
>    ability to link together articles of interest and their approximate if not
>    exact relation to the posted maps. Maps included are high quality scans
>    from the historic Platt books located in the Illinois State Library's map
>    room. http://ileadu.bloomingtonlibrary.org.
>    - *Transform U*: Created a web portal, http://www.transformuportal.org/,
>    to provide business and educational resources for people interested in
>    starting their own business or returning to school. Placed resource kits in
>    four public libraries in Southwest Illinois. Their work was recognized
>    through the Illinois Library Association where they won an ILA Excellence
>    in Marketing-Best Branding Initiative (budget less than $1 million).
>    - *UrInfo*: Created an online library resource familiarization game
>    for students, based on a pirate treasure hunt. Using research methodology:
>    describe problem, investigate tools, locate information, engage in tool,
>    evaluate information, organize, find missing pieces, re-evaluate.
> Please let me know if you have any questions.
> Have a great week!
> Matt
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