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With only three more school days until Halloween, I thought it appropriate to share my UGLY book approach to the sport of Team Weeding.

As the only adult staff member in our high school library I have, of necessity, surrounded myself with community volunteers and student assistants. Those sixteen student librarians come with varying abilities and interests, but all seem to have readily accepted the UGLY Book assignment. Some have even taken on the challenge with relish.

Each day after completing their regularly scheduled tasks, they are to identify five books which look ugly enough that, in the estimation of the student librarian, NO ONE will ever willingly check out or use them. After pulling each book from the shelves they fill out a form which includes the following statistics, tape it on the book and leave the stack on my work desk:

1) Circulation statistics

2) Acquisition date

3) Copyright date

4) Their name

I, then, judge whether the book is to be discarded outright, weeded and replaced, or returned to the shelf. I really like this nudge to continously re-evaluation our collection.

Who knew identifying UGLY books could be so fun? I think we'll have to have a TA contest for identification of the UGLIEST book on the LHS Library shelves. The two TAs in each period could form a team and compete for a prize - a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble. I know we aren't supposed to judge a book by its cover, but maybe I'll dress up on Wednesday as an UGLY book.

Happy Halloween!


Fawn B. Morgan

Lancer Library, Layton High School

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