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Dear Utah Teacher-Librarians,
Utah librarians have a unique and exciting opportunity to participate
in a leadership, technology, and collaboration initiative during 2013, 
the inaugural year of ILEAD USA. Utah is fortunate to be working with
five states that received a $470,000 grant from the Institute of Museum
and Library Services (IMLS) for this project. We are working with the
Illinois State Library, where the project began in 2010, Colorado, Iowa,
and Ohio to create a program that will inspire you, challenge you, and
encourage you to create innovative library services to meet the changing
needs of your community.
We now have applications and more information is available at
http://bit.ly/ileadusautah. You can apply for the ILEAD USA workshops in
one of the following areas:
Participants (
) (8 teams of 5 people)
Mentors (
) (1 mentor for each of the 8 teams)
Instructors (
) (Instructors for each in-person session, plus additional webinar
sessions between workshops)
Any library employee in Utah is welcome to apply. You will need your
library's support because this will be a fairly intensive program. An
advanced degree in Library Science is not required.
Applicants will form a team with four other librarians (a total of
five) from schools, academic, public, and special libraries where you
will apply to create a resource that will meet the needs of your
collective communities. The catch? If your team is selected, you will
create a plan, design the resource, and implement your ideas together as
a team. You get to decide what and how, and ILEAD USA will provide
tools, training, and an opportunity to make it happen. Through the
grant, each team will also receive $1000 for equipment to help build and
implement the resource.
If you are interested in forming a team, the State Library can
facilitate that. Visit the ILEAD USA Utah Discussions Page (
) to add your own information or look for others to be on your team!
During the 9-month workshop, keynote speakers include David Lankes, a
Library Futurist from Syracuse University; Sari Feldman, Director of the
Cuyahoga County Library in Ohio; George Needham, Longtime Library
Strategist and Consultant; Eli Neiburger, Associate Director of
Information Technology for the Ann Arbor District Library in Michigan;
and other fantastic speakers to be named soon!
The workshops will take place in 2013, with in-person sessions at the
Utah State Library on March 25-28; June 17-20; and October 21-24, 2013.
During these sessions, you will have the opportunity to work with each
other and with librarians across the state, have the chance to use new
technologies, and be energized by the keynote speakers, local
instructors, and by the ideas of librarians in four other states.
Please read the following description, or visit the ILEAD USA (
http://www.webjunction.org/partners/illinois/il-programs/ileadusa.html )
page on WebJunction Illinois for more information!
ILEAD USA is a competitive, application-only program, with applicants
applying in teams of five members in Utah. One application packet is
submitted for each team. A statewide Steering Committee will review the
applicant pool and select teams for participation in the cohort cycle.
Each team will be comprised of library staff members from Utah who are
committed to fully participate in the nine-month program. Each project
team consists of staff members from at least three different
organizations. ILEAD USA participants remain with the five-member team
throughout the program and are assigned a mentor who keeps participants
motivated; offers expertise; and provides guidance and advice throughout
the entire cohort cycle. 
As part of the application process, ILEAD USA program cohort teams
identify a single group project of the team’s design that will address
at least one identified need within their communities of users. For
example, a project could address and meet the needs of a community
related to economic development. Teams use the skills and training
acquired throughout the sessions to develop, implement, manage and
evaluate the projects. In addition, within the application, each team
member identifies a user or patron within the team member’s community
who will serve as an advisor and a conduit for feedback about programs
and services.
ILEAD USA does not take a “sink or swim” approach to continuing
education; rather, it is learning by immersion--buoyed by instructors,
by mentors and by the participating library staff who work
collaboratively to match the assessed needs of their users with the
appropriate technology tools.
We are grateful to be working with Utah's library associations and
consortia. ILEAD USA has been endorsed by the Utah Library Association,
the Utah Academic Library Consortium, and the Utah Educational Library
Media Association. 
The project will officially kick off on November 1 with a "National Day
of Application," featuring a live webinar from 9-11 a.m. During the
webinar, ILEAD USA project directors will answer any questions about how
to complete the ILEAD USA application. Registration is encouraged but
not required to take part in the "National Day of Application" webinar. 
Register at http://www.librarylearning.info/events/?eventID=14432.
The live webinar will take place at
http://isl.adobeconnect.com/r15io28cfo0/.  Log in as a guest with your
name and state.  No password is needed.  If you wish to test the system
prior to November 1, please contact Debra Aggertt at daggertt at ilsos.net
or 217-558-1945. If you do not have an audio connection via your
computer for November 1, you may participate via conference call. Please
call this conference call number:  888-494-4032, Access Code:
ILEAD USA is made possible by a Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian
Program grant awarded to the State Library by the Institute of Museum
and Library Services (IMLS).
We are looking forward to getting your application!
Matt McLain
Youth Services Coordinator & Library Consultant
Utah State Library
mmclain at utah.gov
(801) 715-6742
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