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Feature Articles
Life is Collecting Moments
by Reisa Schwartzman
When it comes to bonding with family and friends, Reisa writes that it's all about collecting moments. But how, exactly, do we do that?
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Play against the game, not each other!
by Kim Vandenbroucke
This month, Kim takes a look at different ways to play games. How can you play with each other instead of against each other? Find out here.
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Bring the Family Together: Game Ideas
by Shara Lawrence-Weiss
Shara shares some great ideas for games and activities that you can do with your whole family!
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Free Game: Blow Blocks
by Patrick Matthews
Blow Blocks is a great free game you can play with your young children. It's both a game and a craft, and once you build it, you'll be able to play it over and over again.
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ChiTAG - for Free?!?
The Play With Purpose conference at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair is the place to go for free games, CPDUs, and tons more. In addition, in this letter from Mary Couzin, she invites educators to be her guests at the rest of the Chicago Toy and Game Fair!
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Young Inventor Challenge
It's time to sign up for the Young Inventor Challenge again. Not only will it give the kids something absolutely fascinating to work on for the next couple of months, but it will end with a weekend of fun at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair.
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Great Stories from the Web
Academic Success in a Cardboard Box
Find academic success in a cardboard box... by playing games!
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7th Graders Create Boardgames
How about a middle school program where students make board games to demonstrate and reinforce their math lessons?
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Have an Idea for a Story?
Let Us Know!
We're always on the lookout for good stories, whether they're game reviews, or ways teachers or parents can use games, or even discussions of the educational benefits of games.

If there's something specific you'd like us to write about, let us know! This newsletter is all for you, after all. Why not let us know what you are interested in?
Bringing People Together
As the holiday season approaches, we decided to spend an issue looking at how games can help bring people together.
Regardless of who you'd like to spend time with, take a look. I'm sure we have the article for you.

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