[library-media] Very Interesting Report on K-12 emerging technologies

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Great idea Fawn. UEN has created a searchable database of educational Apps called Apps4Edu. I did a quick search of the ones tied to Library Media and found a bunch. If any of you have suggestions we'll continue to add to this collection.  The site shows the type of device, cost, and brief description for popular education apps. Enjoy!
Main Apps4Edu page: http://www.uen.org/apps4edu/index.php
Results for Library Media:  http://www.uen.org/apps4edu/app_results.php?keywords=&core%5B%5D=11&page=1
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How about a listserv discussion of which library related Apps are available for mobile devices and how best to advertise those Apps. Which ones products, platforms and programs that you support and use here in Utah schools are App driven?


Layton High

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Subject: [library-media] Very Interesting Report on K-12 emerging technologies

Do you have 4 minutes? I encourage you to look at this video that summarizes the 2012 Horizon Report by the New Media Consortium. The "Project examines emerging technologies for their potential impact on and use in teaching, learning, and creative expression within the environment of pre-college education." I am pretty sure you will want to read more after watching the video!


Six Technologies to watch:
- Mobile Devices & Apps (near-term horizon)
- Tablet Computing (near-term horizon)
- Game-Based Learning (mid-term horizon, 2-3 years away)
- Personal Learning Environments (mid-term horizon, 2-3 years away)
- Augmented Reality (far-term horizon, 4-5 years away)
- Natural User Interfaces (far-term horizon, 4-5 years away)



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