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Information Literacy:

Good news, BYU! WSU also replied to my original posting and a compilation response with additional examples from higher of the need or requirements to teach info lit skills.

Now, only if the education departments would require a small portion of curricula in administrative graduate degree classes be devoted to the study of why strong library programs benefit student learning and teacher instruction. When my Dad received his doctorate decades ago, a major portion of one class addressed these issues. Educators that complete education administration degrees now report that research on this topic isn't addressed. Hope they are all wrong and were sleeping through that lecture.

Today my principal asked what I would teach if a tutorial session were incorporated into the weekly schedule. I said that I would teach and assist students relative to research assignments and the info lit skills necessary for successful completion IF a volunteer were assigned to manage the desk during that time. With no assistant here at the high school, finding time to teach is like taking a blood donation from a turnip - no blood available!

Mostly off topic but with an association to blood:

Today I heard proof that Hunger Games competition winners are NOT blood thirsty. Two of our trials competition winners - guys - took refuge in the library early out from their PE class. Apparently "aggressive" girls were not playing Frisbee football according to the rules! We HG advocates are not only pacifists, but rule followers!


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A couple of months ago, Fawn polled us about our use of books and databases with students as opposed to using Google, Wikipedia, and other online resources.  I thought you would be interested in the comments of my sister—see below.

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In light of a previous discussion you secondary librarians had, the past couple of days we have had accreditation visitors here accrediting BYU.  On Wed they met with interested faculty and asked questions.  One of the questions was specifically about information literacy and if there were courses in the major where students learned how to use academic search engines so they knew how to look up information beyond just using Wikipedia.   Thought you would be interested to know that, and have a good week.  S

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