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New from The School Library Journal, March 2012 issue--the latest figures on 
school library books prices. See my  email below, mailed this morning to the 
Executive Appropriations Committee members. (Their meeting for today was 
cancelled, giving more time for us to let them know this new, 
important information. Read on and, please, pull what you need to act on it. 
Don't forget to take off my name, etc. !)

There may yet be new support for "school library books and electronic resources" 
if we work on it!

Dear [Rep.____  or Sen. ____]
The average price of books for school libraries in 2011 was $25.27.*  Using this 
figure and calculating Utah’s student population at 587,743 students in the 
current school year,** the amount requested, $500,000, will yield $.85 per 
student, or one new book for every 30 students. 

If the proposed $500,000 were added to ongoing funds for school library books 
and electronic resources, the funding would supply one new book for every 15 

Currently, there is great disparity in what districts spend from the WPU for 
school library books and electronic resources. For example, one large urban 
district allocates $2.85 per student, while a neighboring district spends $10.00 
per student. 

Thank you for your past support. Please consider the current request: 
Please fund the $500,000 request for school library books and electronic 
resources. If we want Utah students to be accomplished readers and critical 
thinkers, we must support school library programs!
Thank you. 
Best wishes, 
Dr. Sharyl G. Smith
University of Washington Information School Faculty, retired
Former Utah State Specialist for Library Media, Utah State Office of Education
Former Granite School District Administrator
*Source: Al Greco, Fordham University School of Business, reported in The School 
Library Journal, (March 2012), the average price for books in 2011 as children's 
hardcover ($21.55), young adult hardcover ($24.97), and hardcover adult (for 
high schools) fiction ($27.67), and nonfiction books ($26.38). The average, 
before cataloging records and book processing are added in, is $25.27. 

**Source: USOE “Fingertip Facts” 
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