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Over the weekend, Rep. Cosgrove called to tell me that legislators are getting 
our emails and it makes a difference! 

The Executive Appropriations Committee meets Tuesday evening, February 28, at 
6:00pm. Please email the members of this committee again and, if possible, 
recruit at least one other person to send an email. Tell them which students, 
which teachers, which subjects will benefit if you have additional funding. Use 
"school library funding" in the subject line and, of course, use your home 

Background--why this is important:
Now the budget decisions are with the Executive Appropriations Committee. Right 
now, we have no additional funding added to the base of $500,000 appropriated 
last year in ongoing funding. If additional funds are identified, the Executive 
Appropriations Committee members will be in a position to allocate them to 
the items on the prioritized list.  Our request for additional funding for 
school library books and electronic resources is prioritized at #17, which means 
that if we work hard enough, it might be possible.  

One more time. Let's persuade the decisionmakers that this money for books and 
electronic resources is needed for Utah students. 

Thank you, as always, for doing your part.


Dr. Sharyl G. Smith
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